Project Thoughtful

Sometimes people need an extra push to help jump start their life’s momentum and find their purpose.  We don’t judge, it took 8 years of pushing to get Make Your Momentum to this point and we still have outstanding IOU’s with mom!

Everyone out there is chasing something; to educate themselves, make more music, find a better job, start a family, drop the baby fat.  People need to be reminded everyday that WHAT THEY DO MATTERS!  We are in the process of starting a program to assist folks in realizing their true potential, furthermore, giving them the means to do something about it.

We are currently seeking entrepreneurs, dreamers and go-getters to get started with MYM’s own Project Thoughtful where 50% of proceeds from user generated sales through the PT platform will be given back to those individuals to chase a dream as far as they can take it.

Give us a little time to get the ball rolling, we will be back before you know it!