Our Story

Make Your Momentum is a lifestyle attitude that will transform your life as it’s transformed ours.

This phrase not only promotes self-awareness but sparks the idea that anything is possible if you fully put your heart and mind to it.  We know this much because we’re proof of that.

We started out as an idea simply supported by this message, it struck a chord and inspired us.  MYM’s mantra is DESIRE+DRIVE.  We feel that when wearing MYM, you will keep this message close to mind and heart.  It will subconsciously remind you to give life your all and live to your true potential.  Its those same characteristics that inspire perseverance and gratification, the means to a conceptually limitless life.

Not only does MYM inspire from within, but our goals as a ‘for-profit’ business rely heavily on giving back to our communities and the folks unable to make their own momentum.  We will continue to make great impacts in the lives of others and the lives of ourselves.