Project Thoughtful

Sometimes people need an extra push to help jumpstart their life’s momentum and find their purpose.  We don’t judge, it took 8 years of pushing to get Make Your Momentum to this point and we still have outstanding IOU’s with mom!

Everyone out there is chasing something; to educate themselves, make more music, find a better job, start a family, drop the baby fat.  People need to be reminded everyday that what they do matters.  We are in the process of starting a program to assist folks in realizing their true potential, furthermore, giving them the means to do something about it.

We are currently seeking entrepreneurs, dreamers and go-getters to get started with MYM’s own Project Thoughtful. 50% of the proceeds from user generated sales through the Project Thoughtful platform will be awarded back to individuals to chase a dream as far as they can take it. This will also be the means of supporting our communities by fundraising through Make Your Momentum apparel and uplifting those in need.

Give us a little time to get the ball rolling, we have momentum on our side. 😉

-Charles Kazemi
MYM Founder and current Stargazer

February 2021

If you send a superhero set to someone that you know, we will donate TWO sets to the non-profits that we know!