Collen Cantrell

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I’m 25 years old, and born and raised in Alaska. By day I am a member of the plumber and pipefitters union local 367, but that I try to take full advantage of everything that this amazing state has to offer. In the summers I enjoy fishing, camping, and hunting, as well as downhill and free ride mountain biking. In the winters I am able to follow my true passion, riding snowmobiles, or snowmachines as we call them up here.  I started riding snowmobiles when I was 16, and since then riding has been how I express myself and relax.  I strive to be my best not only in my professional career, but on the snow as well. I took a 4 year leave of absence from riding after I tragically lost the lives of close friends in an avalanche, but to achieve the goals you set out for in life, you can’t be afraid of the set backs. I have had many obstacles throughout my life and I continue to push and drive myself to be a better person and rider. Don’t wait around waiting for someone to clear the path for you, Make Your Momentum! -C.Cantrell