Jaxson James

imagejpeg_3Jaxon James, age 23, is a professional wrestler from Westminster, South Carolina. He has built a following as a main-eventer in fierce and action-packed matches around the southeastern United States. There is a reason that his name is now at the top of the card: he earned it. His academic and athletic success during his high school career in Westminster led him to Newberry College where, although un-recruited, he was undeterred and found great achievement, both in the classroom and on the field. His competitor’s soul and sheer will to be the best athlete he could be helped to prove wrong the recruiters that overlooked him. He walked on to the football squad at Newberry and, through perseverance and the attitude that nothing could push him backwards, became a three-year starter, scoring a touchdown in his very first game in the NCAA. This led to James being named a team captain by his senior year, and leaving a mark in Newberry’s record books forever. Do not be misguided, though, Jaxon’s desires of becoming the best human being he could be are not solely focused on athletics. Triumphs in life are not won solely with the body; the mind must be honed and conditioned as well.

Life required that Jaxson pay his own way through college. Instead of taking a step backward, however, he worked many hours a week to, once again, produce his own outcome; ever-appreciative of those that helped along the way, but he drove his own destiny. He refused to settle and be viewed as merely a good kid from a small town. He demanded more of himself. Power stems from within and so he worked hard for four years, excelling on the athletic field and in the classroom, to earn his Bachelors of Science in History and English Education. He was named to every major academic list during his college years; a testament to his never-say-die ethic and limitless obsession with achieving his goals. He is proud to be the first person in his family to have graduated from college, but now another dream has awakened in him, and he charges forward, as always, to realize his potential.


Jaxson is now in the process of realizing his long-time dream of becoming a top-level professional wrestler. He sought out and received training from one of the legends in the game, Dr. Tom Prichard, who has trained many notable faces in the world of pro wrestling – the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. His endless training and honing of his skills earned Jaxson a tryout with World Wrestling Entertainment after only 2 weeks in the ring. He has performed in several televised productions for this most recognized name in sports entertainment. His journey is far from over, but he relishes in the struggle.imagejpeg_2

His education and training are complete, but he continues to learn. Through hard work, thousands of miles in travel, and a relentless pursuit of destiny, Jaxson James has been born. He is an athlete, a scholar, an entertainer. Every hindrance he has faced in his life – those people or circumstances that stood in his way – are remembered now as he begins his ascent in to a business that is most brutal, both on a physical and cerebral level.

He has momentum now – yes. Self-made? Mostly. Will he rest? Never! He simply begins again at a new dream; the next match, so to speak. His resolve is titanium. His mindset is that of a thoroughbred. The toil is not lessened. The battle will leave scars, but any realization truly earned is never without those reminders of the travail. In his short, professional career he has already built a strong following of loyal fans of all ages across the southeast, and the numbers are growing. Ring the bell and bring forth the warrior.

Watch for him – he is coming! Always upward.