Richie Panelli

MYM supports, and is supported by, local musicians such as Reno’s own ‘The Apprentice’. This up and coming artist grabs the attention of his listeners through his ability to craft a candid storyline while delivering a powerful message, pristine vocals and the cleanest production.

We reached out to The Apprentice in hopes of creating a track for the MYM website, but we didn’t expect a song this legit!


The Apprentice Bio:
Apprentice (Richie Panelli), age 36, is co-founder of Dorm Room Muzik, Connartist Clothing, and The Reno Business Group. Panelli, a former Division 1 athlete, who holds a Doctoral Degree in Audiology, has been an active participant in the local music scene for the last ten years. His 2009 production of 6:01 A.M. A Working Class Opera (a musical inspired by songs written by Apprentice , opened to a sold-out audience at the Pioneeer Theatre for the Performing Arts with musical accompaniment by the Nevada Opera Orchestra. His sophomore album “the Red Balloon” was chosen Best Solo Hip Hop album of 2009. Panelli’s latest release, “The Calm,” a collaboration with Cody Rea and Sean Hill, was named in the Four best local albums of 2011 by the Reno Gazette Journal. His most recent video release off of “The Calm,” titled “America” has recently received national attention.
-Dan Hubbard/SpeakYourMind


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