Sometimes people need an extra push to help jump start their life’s momentum and find their purpose.  We don’t judge, it took 5 years of pushing to get Make Your Momentum to this point, and we still have outstanding IOU’s with mom…  Everyone out there is chasing something; to educate themselves, make more music, find a job, start a family, drop the baby fat.  People need to be reminded everyday that what they do matters.  We started a program for folks to realize their true potential, fronting a portion of the bill, and sending them on their way.  We’re selling a limited run of 100 shirts to generate the needed funds for these individuals to catch one dream, on us (you and I).  100% of the proceeds go to Project Thoughtful to pay it forward.

How it works...

  1. MYM will be launching new designs for Project Thoughtful throughout the year and as these individuals are hand-selected.  To be considered please email us HERE and share your story.
  2. Each project will be awarded a limited run of 100 Thoughtful shirts in which 100% of the proceeds help fund it.
  3. The project is completely funded on the presales of these shirts, so we ask that you purchase knowing your package will arive soon enough.
  4. As a special thank you for getting involved, you will awarded an invitation to be apart of it (ie custom art, role in video productions, special appearances).

#1 Project Thoughtful (May 2017) – Chiggity Chuck (Music Video) – COMPLETED!!!

#2 Project Thoughtful (November 2017) – TBA